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We are back!

We are back!

By on Feb 14, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

Oh my goodness, we are so sorry that we have not posted in 2 months.  As you know, “LIFE itself” can sometimes get in the way.  We are by no means able to just pick up and leave everything behind…. we wish we could but that is not our reality.

To followup our last post, Bear was at the dealership getting repairs from November 28th to December 19th.  We will detail that visit in future posts.  It has been an interesting time. This put us way behind on other ‘prep’ items that needed to get done.

We had the holidays with family and friends and then we both came down with what we Southerners call “The crud”.  We actually spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together huddled in front of a fire because we did not want to share ‘our germs’ with the elderly and children in our families.  This version of the “The Crud” was a bit different from years past as it lasted over a month — nothing would shake it especially the cough.  It was energy draining and frustrating at the same time. We are doing better now.

So much better that we are tackling other issues on Bear.  Bear is 12 years old in mechanical years and although that is young for a Diesel engine truck time itself has a way of aging parts and pieces.  We knew going in we would have some age related issues… just not so many.  Over the next few weeks, we will bring you up to date on our ‘updates’.  We are not discouraged; however, safety dictates that we take our time and check everything out.

A good friend of ours who hears our ‘stories’ about getting Bear ready to travel suggested that we should be sharing this portion of the journey too.  We should not wait to share only the travel journeys but also the journey to begin traveling and the journey to find Bear.


Bear and Friends

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