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Who We Are


  • We are Kirby and Wendy.
  • First and foremost, we are blessed to partake of this lifestyle.
  • We are two people who love to travel the United States and Canada.
  • We are travelers who love to stop at a minutes’ notice if we see a place of interest or read about a place of interest upcoming in our path of travel.
  • We are middle-aged with grown children – which is “why” we can travel more freely.
  • We are parents who believed those children should see and experience travel while they were growing up – yeah, not always welcomed with smiling children’s faces and open minds – however, as they are now older their goals are to travel and share like experiences with their spouses and children (kinda rewarding when you think about it).
  • We are campers who have experienced life in a tent (cold and hot), life pulling and living in a 24 foot fifth wheel with two active and very tall boys, life of luxury in a 45 motorhome, downsized life in a 24 foot Sprinter van and now life in an off-road all-weather vehicle.
  • We are folk who have friends and family that either think we are crazy or admire us and want to follow us on our journeys – one of the initial reasons for the creation of this website. We have people tell us they ‘live’ through us – that is kinda heavy but we take it as compliment, challenge and oftentimes a responsibility.
  • We are believers that all should share in the beautiful, cool and unique places and landscapes that these countries behold.
  • We are planners who think you should experience different and new places – familiar places are great to revisit from time to time – but we believe there are not enough travel days to stay in one place too long.
  • Lastly, we are two-people who love each other and share a common love of travel and adventure.

…until the next location…