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About The Site


On and Off Grid is a project that has been in the planning stage for a long time. The vision is a place where all types of ‘outdoor enthusiasts’ can share their experiences and venues with those of like mind and adventurous spirits.


These United States contain so many places that are beautiful, just plain cool, and incredibly unique. There is so much to see and do in each and every state – North, South, East and West. The website’s focus will be the United States and our neighbor, Canada at this point in time.


The creators of the website have experienced various modes of ‘outdoor experiences’ beginning with a tent to a Fifth wheel to a 45 foot motorhome to a 24 foot Class B and finally to the rig featured on the website – a Unicat. Each one of the ‘modes’ has a different type of lifestyle associated with it. Each ‘mode’ affords its’ user different capabilities. Each ‘mode’ affords its’ user different opportunities and experiences.


Over the next year, On and Off Grid hopes to begin to capture a wide range of opportunities and experiences associated with all ‘modes’ of outdoor travel. There are ‘modes’ that we have never and will probably never experience, but others will….. And, for those who have never experienced any of this lifestyle, we hope to encourage a step forward to have some awesome adventures and explore locations throughout. As they say, it is all about the “location, location, location”.


We hope you come join us as we document our adventures – old and new – on grid and off grid – for better and worse. We hope that as soon as we are able to handle large volume input that you will begin to share your adventures and adventure locations with us.


We believe that regardless of whether you “camp” in a travel trailer, bus, van, motorhome, fifth-wheel, tent, or roof-top tent vehicle – your experiences should be shared. Your experiences should not be limited to a website that is only about that type of outdoor experiences. The same experience can be had in different ‘modes’ – the one chosen by the experiencer.


…until the next location…